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Interview with Tonya Hall, from the Tonya Hall Show and Founder and CEO of Barzhini

Tonya Hall, founder and CEO of Barzhini, is a media journalist and host of the Tonya Hall Show. The Tonya Hall Show offers captivating interviews from industry movers and shakers that have mastered the power of Social Media. It’s the only one of its kind on the radio!

Jeff: What do you do in your own business to leverage the power of social media?

Tonya Hall: I use social media for Just about everything. For my show: I use social media to seek out and get to know future guests. I promote the show using social media. I take questions and engage my audience using social media.

J: How has social media changed the way you work?

TH: I started with my first client in 2006. My client was in the gaming industry and we couldn’t use traditional media to market. Social Media was in its infancy but I could see immediately that it was a game changer for marketing moving forward.

J: Because of social media, are there people you got in touch with to be on your show that you don’t think you would have before?

TH: Vint Cerf “Father of the Internet” and Chief Internet Evangelist Google among many.

J: What has been your favorite interview so far?

TH: You, Jeff are always a fun interview.  Your passion and smart business acumen always make a great show. I also love talking with the fresh startup entrepreneurs. Their excitement and belief that they are creating something that will make a difference is hard to deny. We have many show friends that engage my audience and frequently come back to keep us informed on including Evan Green CMO Grammy’s, Lance Ulanoff  Editor in Chief of Mashable, Jeff Pulver Founder Vonage and 140 Conference’s and Jeff Hayzlett Celebrity CMO Author and Sometimes Cowboy…

J: What do YOU do to “never compromise on creativity”?

TH: I try to bring the most interesting and diverse guest list to my listeners. Although I respect my guests I help my listeners get to know who my guests really are outside of social media and technology. We talk about the technology, business successes, case studies but also “the people behind the tech.” My guests are Mothers, Fathers, Snowboarders and Culinary Artists.   … Who we are and how we live is as much a part of social media as the platforms, marketing and algorithms we use.


Look for MY interview with Tonya next Monday, Dec. 12!

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