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SnapTags: The Next Big Thing in Mobile Marketing

How many of you have actually scanned a QR code?  How likely are you to scan another one?  And what did you think it was the first time you saw it?

When I first started seeing these things, I liked the bridge that they built between my real life and my digital life.  What I didn’t like was how darn ugly they looked!  I mean, what marketer would create something so ugly to represent or sell their product?

But, it’s all we’ve had…  until now.  I recently discovered SpyderLynk, a company that has developed SnapTags, which I have come to call “Brand Tags”.  The truth is that this technology is a far superior alternative to QR codes for most brands. They’re smarter, sexier and much more accessible (no “reader” required).  They turn a logo or icon into an interactive marketing campaign, one that you can track and use to build relationships with your customers.

I have used SnapTags to introduce each chapter of my new book, Running the Gauntlet. The SnapTags offer a direct link to related video content explaining the core concepts featured in each chapter, and allows me to interact with you through a one-to-one conversation.

Have you considered how you will integrate mobile marketing into your overall plans?  And don’t tell me that you have a strategy because you have developed an iPhone app!

To your left is a SnapTag that I want you to try – it will link to a video of me talking about my new book!

How to snap:  Either download the SnapTag Reader through AndroidMarket or iPhone App Store, or text to 77865

Happy Snapping!


For more information about SpyderLynk and SnapTag, view the most recent Press Release




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