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#CyberMonday is Right for Competitive Change


#CyberMonday has become the #1 online shopping day of the year – In order to keep a competitive advantage, business leaders must follow these steps to drive a competitive change.

List for Competitive Change:

  1. Know Your Conditions of Satisfaction.
  2. Have a winning attitude – get over your fear and be a beginner.
  3. Know your business and the business of good management.
  4. Have enough money and capital to move ahead.
  5. Pay attention to details.
  6. Build a team that can succeed.
  7. Manage your time better – get out of the way and delegate.
  8. Have the tools to complete the job you promised.
  9. Keep the customer satisfied with your quality and responsiveness.
  10. Compete smartly and power through your promises.
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