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New Ways to Distribute Content Through C-Suite TV

[youtube]http://youtu.be/mA45BH7KCiI[/youtube] I’m frequently pitched different ideas for different shows, whether it’s through a quick message on Facebook or someone stopping by the office. Ideas are powerful, and they’re what power the content on C-Suite TV. We have 3 different models built for C-Suite TV. First, we look at curated content. This is for people who have a show already built, but don’t have the mechanism to deliver their show. Second is the co-develop model where ideas are shared and worked upon collaboratively in all aspects. […]

Jeffrey Hayzlett Discusses C-Suite TV

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azawWXMvRAo[/youtube] I sat down with Roger Maloney from Ufront Media Insights to discuss the new network C-Suite TV. To start things off, Roger asks why I built C-Suite TV, the number one question I have been getting asked. The reason I built C-Suite TV was to answer a need, and that was the need for quality content for the C-Suite. I believe that TV is TV, whether it’s broadcast or online. Through C-Suite TV, I am getting the opportunity to create brand new shows like Mind Your Own Business that […]

The Future of TV is here for the C-Suite

A new form of entertainment is starting to make headlines, and it’s called over-the-top television. Yesterday, the C-Suite entered into the new frontier with C-Suite TV, a new on-demand and web-based digital broadcast channel featuring premium programming for business leaders, executives, and celebrities. It has been received with great success, and our first episode of Mind Your Own Business is a hit. Let me get this out of my system. Television is television. No matter where you air it – via broadcast, online or even […]

How Can Lululemon Make a Comeback?

Recently I was on Bloomberg, discussing Lululemon once again. We know of the controversial statements, the apology video, the new CEO – but are they doing the things they need to in order to make a comeback? Every business that starts from an entrepreneur pretty much follows the same path: Start with a one-man band, who does everything and has a great passion behind it to drive it. Next, add devout followers, the people who believe in the same dreams, hopes, and aspirations. They won’t […]

4th of July: Celebrating the Founding Fathers

History is one of my favorite subjects. If I’m not reading a business-related book, you’ll find me with a history-related book in my hands. On this 4th of July, there are many reasons to celebrate – thanking the troops, enjoying our freedoms, spending time with family and friends, and more. As I reflect, I realize we have our founding fathers to thank for their incredible dedication to building the United States. I have a few different favorite founding fathers. First are Thomas Jefferson and John […]

Primetime TV Host Jeffrey Hayzlett Joins Entrepreneur.com as a Contributing Columnist

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Jun 4, 2014) – Jeffrey Hayzlett, primetime TV host of The C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett on Bloomberg TV, revealed today that he is joining Entrepreneur.com as a Contributing Columnist. In this position, Hayzlett brings his common sense, straight-talking style to a column addressing business challenges and strategies for C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and SMBs. Hayzlett’s business, marketing and social media expertise is drawn from an incredible and successful career guiding companies from Main Street to Wall Street and mentoring leading executives, brands and companies. Currently, […]

Big Business Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Marketing for small businesses is just like marketing for major companies. The only difference is the number of zeros in the marketing budget. The strategies, tactics, and goals are all the same though: to reach new customers, increase revenue, and build brand loyalty (and equity). How can small businesses replicate big business marketing? Here are my 4 tips: Define your success. It’s critical to establish your conditions of satisfaction. Is it to increase the number of customers in your store and monthly sales? Define those […]

Forbes Announces World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Masters

Forbes, along with KiteDesk, recently announced the World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Masters. It is a honor to rank in the top 5 from a field of more than 500 candidates! Click here to view the full list and to read about the risks and rewards regarding hiring social savvy employees, including tips from some of the masters included on the list.