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4th of July: Celebrating the Founding Fathers

4th of July Founding Fathers Jeffrey Hayzlett quoteHistory is one of my favorite subjects. If I’m not reading a business-related book, you’ll find me with a history-related book in my hands. On this 4th of July, there are many reasons to celebrate – thanking the troops, enjoying our freedoms, spending time with family and friends, and more.

As I reflect, I realize we have our founding fathers to thank for their incredible dedication to building the United States. I have a few different favorite founding fathers. First are Thomas Jefferson and John Adams for their intellect and crafting of the Declaration of Independence. Without their leadership, where would we be? Ben Franklin is another favorite, especially for his political maneuvering with various heads of state – while at the same time being such a scoundrel with a great reputation. Last is Patrick Henry who shouted, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” With him, there was no ambiguity in being a change agent.

Plus, I also played him for a play in 1st grade.

Nevertheless, there are great qualities that each of these men displayed while they lead our country to become what it is – qualities that leaders today can incorporate into their own styles.

How will you be celebrating the 4th of July? For me – it will be spending time with my family and friends, enjoying some of my favorite dishes: hot dogs wrapped in bacon, baked beans with bacon, spinach salad with bacon, and candied bacon for dessert. Happy 4th of July!

JWH_thumbJeffrey Hayzlett is a global business celebrity and speaker, bestselling author, Contributing Editor and Host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett on Bloomberg Television. He is the CEO of The Hayzlett Group, an international strategic business consulting company focused on leading change and developing high growth companies. Connect with Hayzlett on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn or email.

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