New Ways to Distribute Content Through C-Suite TV

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I’m frequently pitched different ideas for different shows, whether it’s through a quick message on Facebook or someone stopping by the office. Ideas are powerful, and they’re what power the content on C-Suite TV. We have 3 different models built for C-Suite TV. First, we look at curated content. This is for people who have a show already built, but don’t have the mechanism to deliver their show. Second is the co-develop model where ideas are shared and worked upon collaboratively in all aspects. Third is the origination, where we build it from the ground up. These three different models will help us build content and distribute it across the web. Our first partner, C-Suite Network, is helping provide different points of distribution to help C-Suite TV penetrate the C-Suite market. It’s a great partnership, and we are looking forward to partnering with others to help distribute C-Suite TV even further.

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