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Hayzlett Book ClubBig Data Marketing was recently featured in the Hayzlett Book Club. Author Lisa Arthur expands on some of the key topics in her book, including her five-step process to data driven marketing.

What inspired you to write Big Data Marketing?
I’ve seen Big Data cause more stress in the C-suite than anything else since I first became a marketer in 1984. Each member of the C-suite understands that Big Data needs immediate attention, yet few know where to start. As companies put off devising a plan to deal with Big Data, the data only grows and therefore customer insights become buried. Headaches are created and no one wants to admit they’re getting further and further behind. I wrote Big Data Marketing because I wanted to help change this dynamic. It’s time to get an open, honest discussion going about Big Data and learn how to manage it without fear.

Who should read the book?
“Big Data Marketing” is for leaders who want to clear the chaos and start driving growth for their companies or organizations. This audience can include C-suite executives, like a CMO or CTO, and those in other marketing and technology leadership roles. Professionals who are tired of antiquated marketing, have the courage to seize this great opportunity to tackle Big Data head on and the ability to apply what they learn to improve the customer experience are who I want to reach.

What should a reader expect to get from your book?
You’ll learn how to face and start discussing Big Data. You’ll learn about my mistakes and successes on the path to becoming a data-driven marketer. You’ll receive practical advice about how to tackle what I refer to as the  “data hairball” that probably exists within your company or organization today and, more importantly, you’ll learn how to drive the changes required to make the most of Big Data insights. Readers walk away with my five proven steps to data-driven marketing and Big Data insights.

In the answer above you mention your five proven steps to data-driven marketing and Big Data insights. What’s the first step one should take?
The first step in my five-step plan to becoming a data-driven marketer is what I call “Get Smart, Get Strategic.” Start with creating a strategic vision. That strategic vision will help to connect the dots between projects, demonstrate how projects drive value and achieve alignment when change sparks turf wars. Once you have this strategic vision there are five other basics to remember as you move forward with getting strategic. You’ll want to create: a customer interaction strategy, an analytics strategy, a data strategy, an organization strategy and, lastly, a technology strategy. I go into how to set all of these up in more detail in my book.

Do you have an example to share about a company or organization working your five-step process to becoming better data-driven marketers?
Yes, we do, and rather than me talking about it, how about we direct your readers to a short video?  You will be touched and delighted by the video, and you will also enjoy this blog, Transforming Into One Red Cross With Data-Driven Marketing. These pieces both go into further detail about how this vital organization is succeeding with data-driven marketing. It’s also worth noting, that all profits from Big Data Marketing are being directed to the Red Cross through Teradata CARES, our company’s philanthropy program.

Any final thoughts?
Thank you for allowing me to feature you in the book, Jeff. From your work with CMOs to mold them into change agents to your emphasis on hiring the right talent to beliefs that marketers can tear down the silos that often prevent the C-suite from managing Big Data well. It’s been wonderful to have the opportunity to collaborate.


Hayzlett Book CluAuthor Lisa Arthur, the Chief Marketing Officer for Teradata Applications, the leader in integrated marketing software, meets with thousands of CMOs and marketing professionals annually through public speaking and events. To learn more about Big Data Marketing click here. You can also follow Lisa on Twitter at @lisaarthur.

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