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Better is Better

The most important message for small businesses and this final mirror test is not “get a tank” but “think and act like a tank.”

Know what your weapons are and how to compete with them.  Know your targets and know your tools.  Most business owners don’t and will never have all the tools to deal with everything on their own—so don’t pretend to.

Bigger-is-better tank-like approaches are almost always fueled by greed.  They are unrealistic, and sooner or later destroy your business.

Think big enough but not bigger than you are.

Common side effects:

  • Spending more and generating less
  • Expanding before succeeding
  • Decreasing profit percentages

The answer is not always a flashier website, bigger media campaign, or newer office.  Make what you have right now better than anyone else’s and build that bottom line with an eye on profit (instead of revenue)—that’s what keeps your business fogging the mirror.



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