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Win the R.A.C.E.

If you consider yourself a Change Agent, and you understand what running the gauntlet feels like, then you know that you can’t let a few beatings break you.

When I was running the gauntlet, I devised a simple formula that I adhered to which kept me on track.  I couldn’t let the impending beatings I was about to receive stop me from winning the R.A.C.E…

R (Research: Define the program, know the facts, set objectives, define audiences)
A (Action: Plan the program)
C (Communicate that action and execute the program)
E (Evaluate the results)


Most people lose before they even start this process, but your proper preparation in all areas of this process has a huge stake in your success within your whole team.

The gauntlet is not always fair – prepare yourself for these withering assaults by asking the hard questions and considering different perspectives.


WIN by Running the Gauntlet

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