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Attitude Check

It can be difficult to know where to start; whether you’re entering a new business or company, or trying to re-engergize your own business after hitting a plateau, taking that first step up to the gauntlet will seem daunting.

Sometimes the best place to start is to look within.  Rather than stepping back and looking at what everyone else is doing (right or wrong), look at yourself and ask what are you doing to effect change?  What is your attitude towards the business?  A Change Agent with a great attitude about themselves and their business will infect their company in the same way.

What are a couple of specific characteristics that you require when looking for new team members?  “Positive attitude” and “flexibility”.  Business is often cut-throat and uncompassionate, but would you sacrifice those personality traits to grow your team?  They are among the top search criteria, whether you’re entry-level or senior management.

A Change Agent will always keep an attitude check to make sure that other emotions and problems are not getting in the way of making great decisions for their company.

A positive attitude as you start to run the gauntlet will make all the difference, and get you out, ALIVE.


Are you ready to start Running the Gauntlet?

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