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How MGM is Changing the Conference Game

In the city of excess with bright lights and neon signs, it would be easy for a $9 billion company like MGM Resorts International to simply say, “It’s Vegas, baby!” Instead, they’re centered around a moral compass focusing on sustainability and philanthropy. They’ve not only made sustainability believable but profitable and attractive. C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett takes a look into MGM Resorts International and their numerous properties, giving viewers valuable and actionable lessons in corporate responsibility. When you think of Vegas you think of lights […]

Can You Plan to go Viral?

The Internet is a fantastic way to share your message quickly and efficiently to all corners of the world. What’s even more incredible is when those messages go viral. Everyone wants to plan viral but it happens when you least suspect it. Maigen Sawyer, a friend and person who does design work for us, sent this photograph to me, knowing my love for bacon. It made sense to share it with my friends and fans on Facebook, especially after the New Years while resolutions tend to […]

It’s a Total Brand Takeover in the Fitness Industry

Imagine a business with no formal c-suite, no real offices, no official structure and where really anything goes. Would you also imagine this business to have a 70% growth rate with over 50 new affiliate locations opening every week? That isn’t a fantasy – that’s CrossFit. Some call it a cult, but the C-Suite aims to get to the bottom of its growth. C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett  visited CrossFit in San Diego, CA, one of the hottest brands in the fitness industry right now. It’s […]