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Lessons from the C-Suite: What we are Learning from the new CEO of Microsoft

We are in the midst of exciting changes in the c-suite. New CEOs have been named at Microsoft, GM, Lululemon, and the relatively new CEO of IBM who is implementing her vision of the company. This is a four-part series on what can we learn from these new CEOs. Satya Nadella—the new CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella was viewed as a safe choice when he was named CEO of Microsoft after the company reviewed 100 candidates during a comprehensive 5-month search. The stock responded positively […]

Be Bold: Earn the Right? Poppycock!

An excerpt from “Be Bold and Win the Sale” by Jeff Shore Available from McGraw-Hill Business in January 2014 Remember that there is a constant psychological battle waging in your head at all times. The motivating force says, “This is a good time to ask them to buy.” A competing voice—the comfort addict—says, “Remember what you learned in training: you must earn the right to ask for the sales.” On this point I am the anti-trainer. I am the only sales expert I know of […]

All-Pro Wisdom: The Seven Choices That Lead To Greatness by Matt Birk and Rich Chapman

I found that spelling out my goals in my mind and writing them down in my notebook helped me work toward these goals every day by taking the smaller steps that prepared me for the big game. Dreamers or Doers? When pollsters from the Pew Research Center asked young people between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five about their dreams for the future, 81 percent said they wanted to be rich and famous. Other life goals fared less well. Only 30 percent of members of Generation […]

The Hayzlett Report on SXSW

What an amazing time SXSW was this year! The food, music, and people – all one great event I think everyone should experience at least once in their life. I hope everyone who attended was able to visit the Kings Hawaiian food truck. Courtney Taira, the granddaughter of King’s Hawaiian founder Robert R. Taira, and her team were swamped daily slinging sandwiches on their signature buns daily. I was able to get my hands on one, and let me tell you – by far the […]

Be Bold: The Science of Rationalizations

The following is an excerpt from Jeff Shore’s “Be Bold and Win The Sale”. It was recently featured in the Hayzlett Book Club, and you can purchase the book from Amazon.com.  Take any freshman psychology class and you’ll surely learn a great deal about rationalizations. You will often find them categorized under the heading of “Thinking Errors,” and an appropriate classification that is. We come across a perceived threat and we immediately seek a mental justification for why we should not act. Psychologists offer a slew […]

Tweet Less and Talk More to the Customers and Contacts Who Really Matter

Technology helps salespeople do many things more efficiently, but to seal the deal, we must put away our toys to have a real conversation. Joanne Black, who was recently featured in the Hayzlett Book Club with her book “Pick Up The Damn Phone!”, explains more. By Joanne S. Black Woody Allen said that 80 percent of success is showing up. We show up a lot differently today than when he made that quip. We show up in person and online. But the goals are still […]

Cloud vs. Box: It’s Time to Move

C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett recently took us inside Autodesk, a $2 billion 3D design software company that is at the forefront of innovation. Their software helps create enormous architectural projects, like the Shanghai Tower, to box-office hits such as Avatar and Lord of the Rings. To continue their innovation in front of the technology curve, Autodesk decided to move from boxed software to cloud-based computing. It would allow their customers to access Autodesk software on different devices and store their work on Autodesk servers, yet […]

In Business, Does Honesty Really Pay?

In 2010, the executives at Domino’s Pizza had a hard conversation with themselves after facing three consecutive years of declining sales and a slumping stock price. In consumer surveys, customers were reporting that their pizza tasted like cardboard and the sauce was like ketchup.  Domino’s had to do something drastic. They had to reinvent the way they were doing business, create a better product, and tell the world how they were better for it. How they decided to re-market their new product was surprising – […]