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Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeffrey Hayzlett, bestselling business author, has produced two books: The Mirror Test and Running the Gauntlet. They have both received critical acclaim and are on numerous bestseller lists, including New York Times and Inc. Magazine, and was ranked in the top three business bestsellers on Amazon.

In Running the Gauntlet, Hayzlett covers the idea of adapt, change or die and provides business lessons for readers to learn to lead, drive change, and grow profits. Business leaders need change agents, and Hayzlett writes on where and how to find them. Including the 4 E’s and steps to developing readers 118 (a.k.a. elevator pitch 2.0), it became an overnight success for Hayzlett. 

The Mirror Test is a book written and designed to make readers answer hard questions about themselves and their business. As a thought leader, Hayzlett wants readers to ‘fog the mirror’ to see if they’re alive, and provide the tools for businesses to adapt or die in this business climate.



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